iOS 13.5 Location Services permission changes.


Apple is further refining the way apps request and updates location permissions, in it’s ongoing effort to improve user privacy and app location use transparency. These include changes ┬ánot just GPS location, but BlueTooth as well, because of the localisation ability of BlueTooth Beacons.

This will mean apps which use location will start to ask to user whether they want to keep allowing the app to use location more often, and in response to new actions. If an app has been granted “Always allow location access” permission, the user will be prompted occasionally to confirm whether they still want the app to be able to do that.

It’s on the way in iOS13.4beta5 right now, and will roll out into the next iOS13 release very soon – and become part of iOS14 expected in June.

Apple has notes bout this (and other iOS13 updates) here:




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