Today, Slack begins a roll out of a major redesign, which is meant to be simpler, more organised, and just easier to use. If you’re a Slack user, you’re likely familiar with some of the “interesting” ways parts of the app function eg. the user interface being hard to discover and customise. Slack is trying to address some of these flaws with far better sidebar customisation, a new compose button, a top navigation bar, and many other tweaks and changes.

First up is a new navigation bar. It’s meant to make it easier to find things and toggle between conversations. There are collapsible menus too, along with a new compose button to make it easier to start new messages.

As long as you’re on a paid plan, you will also finally be able to organise your channels and messages. Most users have a whole range of channels that they’re in, which if your like me, can get quite cluttered. However some of channels are critical to your workflow, while others aren’t, so you might want to move the critical ones to the top. Now you can.

The new Slack starts rolling out today, and it will continue over the next few weeks.


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